World Art Studies 1400 Final Study Sheet

This is the homepage of World Art Studies, a two-semester sequence of courses that provides students with a foundation in the discipline of art history. While the semesters may be taken independently to meet University and major requirements, students are strongly urged to take both courses in the intended order of the sequence: World Art Studies I (ARTH 1300) in the fall semester and World Art Studies 2 (ARTH 1400) in the spring semester.

This is a lecture course which will serve as an introduction to critical issues of the discipline of art history. Our course content will not be limited by geography or chronology; nor will this be a continuous survey. Instead, we will examine case studies within five major themes in order to develop critical modes of thinking, speaking, and writing about art.

Students will complete the course with the ability to describe and analyze works of art both verbally and in writing and to use those skills to conduct research and develop strengths in persuasive and expository writing.